watchdogWatch D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students) is sponsored by the Norris Elementary PTA.

This organization encourages fathers and father figures to volunteer for a day in their student’s school.  Fathers gain insight into their student’s education, help the school in volunteer tasks, and provide a positive male role model for the community.

Choose a day a to volunteer and complete the required background check. Complete the volunteer background check here.

Thank you for your involvement.

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What the Norris staff are saying about WatchDOGS…

“In our fast paced lives, we sometimes forget how strong of an influence we as parents have on all children, not just our own. Dads, in particular, have the ability to significantly impact elementary students who are missing a male influence in their lives. The WatchDOGS program allows our students to have a positive male role model on campus while at the same time allowing the dads to participate in a very unique, hands on way with their own children. We welcome all the support we can get during our school day from dads!” – Ashelyn Abney, Norris Elementary Principal

“I love seeing the WatchDOGS on campus because they get the students excited about learning. When students are chosen to work in a small group with a WatchDOG, they get extra academic practice in a fun setting. They can’t wait to get their turn with the WatchDOG and ask every day if they can work with him! It’s so beneficial to the students when they get to spend even just a few minutes with one of these awesome dads!” – Dani Cardaropoli, Norris Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher

“I feel the support of Watch Dogs at Norris is extremely important for all students.   Students spend the majority of their day at school with mostly  women , at times kids need to interact with men.  Children  need to know that men care about them and their education. I am proud that the Norris Dads can provide a positive presence at school.” –Sarah Corrigan, Norris Elementary Kindergarten Teacher